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Find The Best Camping Gifts For Him: Australia [2022]

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Looking for camping gifts for dad, your partner, or maybe camping gifts ideas for another guy in your life? Well, you’re in the right place. I’ve collated all the best gifts for campers into one guide – you are guaranteed to find one, if not more, cool camping gifts for him in this article.

There are so many great gift ideas for camping enthusiasts so we’ve covered a heap of different topics. For example, you can find unique camping gifts for men like a portable fire pit, or even just really practical gifts. What we’ve chosen are gifts that not only he would love, but the entire family will love.  Camping is a family affair, after all.

Finding the perfect gift for a camper when you don’t know too much about camping can be tricky. Even if you’re a seasoned camper yourself, it’s easy to get stuck for ideas. This article is sure to help you find quality camping gifts, Australia. Get ready to find the best camping gifts for him Australia has on offer.

Our Top Pick of the Best Camping Gifts for Him

We had to go for the Oztrail Hammock as our favourite gift. It’s lightweight, comfy, and comes with a built in mossie net. It’s not just for those who want somewhere to sleep either, it makes a great place to hang out and relax during the day as well. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Best Camping Gifts for the Men in the Family

Take a look at our camper gift ideas and choose which one is the best camping gift for him personally.

Practical & Useful Camping Gifts

Finding gifts that the receiver actually needs or could put to great use time and time again is definitely a good strategy. So often, we give or get gifts that are rarely (or never) used and sit collecting dust – so, consider these practical and useful camping gift ideas below.

Oztrail Hammock

For many campers, hammocks are a crucial piece of kit and make the best camping presents. They’re amazingly light, compact, easy to set up and provide a comfortable sleeping and/or relaxing experience. You might worry about being eaten alive by mozzies in a hammock but fortunately, many come with an effective mosquito net. If you’ve been searching for useful but fun gift ideas for campers, you really ought to consider a hammock!

This option is a high-quality hammock by trusted brand Oztrail. This hammock has an attached net for bugs and measures 140 x 295 cm. It has an incredible weight capacity of 180 kg so no need to worry about it giving way in the middle of the night.

Oztrail’s hammock is made with water resistant nylon material (although it should be noted that you wouldn’t be able to use the hammock in the rain unless you get a waterproof cover for it). It comes with the kit you need to erect it and a handy carry bag. Everything only weighs a total of 1.1 kg.

What we love:

  • Huge weight capacity – 180kg
  • Folds into 28 x 30 cm carry bag
  • Included mossie net
  • So light – total of 1.1 kg with all extras

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Best Camping Chairs

Folding chairs are a must for a comfortable camping trip. You never realise how important a chair is until you go camping without one. They’re perfect for all campers that don’t want to get muddy bums and/or strain their backs on their trip.

Chairs are especially important for older campers, younger campers, campers who are fit, those who are not, campers who don’t drink, those that do.

What are the best camping chairs in Australia?  Any chair that makes for a comfortable time around the campsite!   

Everybody has their own ideas on what makes a great camping chair.  Big and luxurious.  Small and light. Just enough to do the job. 

An old faithful that has seen more back roads and beaches than the owner can remember; where the corrosion patterns and fabric stains look like a post-moderne art creation.

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There’s a million and one different models, types and designs.  Beach chairs, hiking chairs, folding chairs, lounge chairs. Here are a few we’ve put together from our preferred suppliers to get you thinking.  Click on the links to take a further look.

Front Runner Xpander Chair – Click here.

Camprite Directors Chair with SidetableClick here

Outdoor Connection King Rocker ChairClick here

Portable Fire Pits

How can you find gifts for the camper who has everything? Luckily, there’s always something camping related that even seasoned campers haven’t got their hands on yet – just like a portable fire pit.

Not all campsites have a designated fire pit, so portable fire pits are very practical. They act as a warmer for campers, a light source at night, as well as a heat source for roasting marshmallows or just cooking in general.

Above all else, it’s the sheer pleasure of watching the flames flicker into the night.  The warmth, the gentle crackle of wood burning, anybody who has used coastal she-oak wood would instantly know the mesmerising, beautiful smell coming from the fire.

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Whatever has gone on during your day, or his day, this one sorts it out.  Have a rumbo or a crack a froffie, and life is good. No matter what some syphilitic megalomaniac is doing out there in the world.

Here are some that you can take a look at.  They are all folding so they don’t take up a lot of room.  Even if they did, it still makes them worth it.

Coastal Steel Portable Fire PitClick here.

Camprite Stainless Steel Jumbo BBQ/Grill/Firepit (45cm x 45cm)Click here

Camprite Stainless Steel BBQ/Grill/Firepit (35cm x 35cm)Click here

Travel Espresso Maker

Some fun camping gift ideas for a coffee lover camper is, of course, anything related to coffee! For coffee lovers, not being able to bring their espresso machine along can be…difficult. This is where travel espresso makers come in.

Travel espresso makers are compact and convenient, just like this Campfire Anodized Coffee Percolator. It’s made of hard anodized aluminium yet is very lightweight – 0.5 kg – and measures only 17 cm high with a 12 cm diameter.

This handy coffee brewer already includes everything – from the gasket, filters, to pouring spout. It includes two espresso cups (120 ml capacity), a carry bag for its protection and easier carrying. It also features silicone grips for heat protection. You just need any electric or fuel cooker and coffee will be ready in just a few minutes!

What we love:

  • Affordable
  • Can brew up to 350 ml of coffee within minutes
  • Easy to use

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Flint Fire Starters

Want to be like Brodie Moss and jump in the air shouting ‘We have fire baby!‘?  No?  That’s not a reason to ignore these little gems, which are basic yet extremely functional camping items.  Primal almost.

There are different types of fire starters but one of the most popular is flints. Flint fire starters work simply by striking them with steel causing sparks that then ignite the kindling.  No more soggy matches or patting yourself down looking for the butane lighter.

This specific fire starter made by Elemental is super affordable yet promises to produce powerful sparks and can last up to 1000 strikes. It’s suitable to use for dry tinder materials.

The Elemental Flint Fire Starter is secured in a bright orange case which makes it easy to find and includes a very handy neck lanyard. This product includes both the striker and flint, so all your camper will need is their kindling and firewood.

What we love:

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and compact – 0.5 kg
  • Includes case and striker

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OzTrail Folding Table

Tables make good gifts for campers of groups or families. Tables are another item that you don’t quite realise the importance of until you go camping without one. They provide a convenient space to do things more comfortably like preparing food, placing mugs of coffee, eating, and plenty of other things that you need a table for and take for granted at home. Good camping tables are lightweight, compact when folded, and sometimes come with extra features like storage or racks.

This particular folding table from OzTrail has an aluminum sturdy frame and can be adjusted to two heights. It also features two zippered storage pockets below and a few handy pockets on the sides. The underneath storage includes shelves and mesh view so are a great place to store condiments and other things and know where they are.

It weighs 7.5 kg and has a weight rating of 30 kg. From its unfolded size of 120 x 60 x 82 cm, the OzTrail Folding Table easily packs down to just 62 x 62 x 7 cm and features a handle for easy carrying. This one is the perfect camping gift for any and all campers!

What we love:

  • Adjustable to two heights
  • Comes with storage
  • Folds down compactly and includes a carry handle

What we don’t love:

  • It doesn’t come with a carry bag for protection in transit

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Lighting Camping Gifts

The gift of light! No camper should ever attempt to camp without at least one light source. As soon as night hits, a headtorch, flashlight, or campsite light is invaluable. It’s always best to take more than one light in case one stops working, and of course plenty of batteries.

Heavy Duty Head Torch

Head torches make really good camping gifts. Since you wear them on your head, the light is always focused on whatever the camper is looking at, unlike regular torches. Plus, hands free operation means less fumbling around in the dark when doing things like setting up the tent, finding something in the tent, or going to the toilet in the middle of the night. They are also amazingly helpful for night hikers.

This particular head torch from Hard Korr provides up to 600 lumens of light. It uses a rechargeable battery and features both high and low settings. The high setting can light up to 600L and run for four hours with a 100 metre beam distance. The low setting provides a 5L light, reaching 10m but lasts up to 260 hours.

The torch only weighs only 170 grams, not including the batteries. It’s IP66 waterproof and red rear light safe too. It can be adjusted to fit any camper’s head and even around helmets too. It also comes with a handy carry case. This is a camping gift that will be used time and time again.

What we love:

  • Buy this product and you get: The head torch, two rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cord, and a carry case
  • Powerful light – 600 lumens
  • Adjustable

What we don’t love:

  • Nothing so far

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Rechargeable Flashlight

If you’re looking for camping gift ideas for him, you really can’t go wrong with a rechargeable flashlight. They’re not only useful but a must for safety too. Camping flashlights are usually lightweight but bright. Some have multiple modes and settings for different situations and battery life longevity.

We’ve found you the perfect camping flashlight from OzTrail – it produces white light with three settings to choose from: high, low, and strobe. In its 1300L high setting, it can last up to 2.5 hours and reaches over 194 m. For low, the 122L light will last up to 30 hours. And for strobe (great in emergency situations), it has the same capacity as high mode but can last for 4 hours and 15 minutes.

This flashlight weighs only 483 g, is USB rechargeable, and is resistant to impacts and water. With these features, together with its rotary lockout technology for battery protection, this flashlight is almost guaranteed to last many years to come.

What we love:

  • One charge can last up to 30 hours in its low setting
  • Military grade aluminium with impact and water resistance
  • Aside from three white light settings – high, low, and strobe, features an emergency/red light setting

What we don’t love:

  • Nothing

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Cooking Camp Gifts

Some campers struggle on with just bags of chips and chocolate bars but seasoned campers know that nothing beats a hot, hearty cooked meal when out bush. Bog standard camping stoves are nothing new but if you want to gift your camper something more luxurious, consider a camp oven, cooking grill, billy teapot, or espresso maker.

Camp Oven Set

Camp ovens really are cool camping gifts. Cast iron ovens are great for camps as they can be put directly on top of the fire and they retain temperature very well. They can be used to make a whole array of dishes from stews to freshly baked bread or cookies. Some camp ovens even come with a lid that doubles as a skillet to make things like fried eggs.

This camp oven set from Campfire is one of the most useful camping gifts as it comes with everything a camper will need to make amazing breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even desserts. It includes the oven, lid lifter, protective leather gloves, and the lid can be used as a skillet. It comes pre-seasoned so no need for the camper to do this themself and it includes a strong carry bag.

The oven measures 17cm high with a 35 cm diameter and has a 9 quart/8.5 litre capacity. Since it’s cast iron, it’s pretty hefty at 10.3 kg but as long as your camper uses a vehicle to get to the site, this is a strong camping gift to give that will last a lifetime.

What we love:

  • Complete set: Oven, lid (also a skillet), lid lifter, gloves, and carry bag
  • Good size and capacity – 8.5 litres

What we don’t love:

  • Heavy (it is cast iron after all), so won’t be suitable for campers without a car

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Cooking Grill Combo

Aside from iron skillets, another delicious way to cook over the open fire is grilling. Grilling brings out food’s natural flavours and melts down excess fat of meat. This makes grilling a great way to cook healthy but delicious meals on the campsite

These grill combos from Campfire make amazingly cool gifts for campers. Unlike plenty of other camp grills, this grill has a single stand that you hammer into the ground. You can then adjust the height of the stand where the grills are attached to suit your fire.

The two included grill plates are made of flameproof heavy gauge steel making them very safe for direct over the fire use. The lower grill measures 41 x 41 cm while the upper grill generously measures 92 x 41.5 cm. There are also two hanging hooks attached above the top grill. Grills may be slightly unusual camping gifts but they’re definitely useful and practical. So whoever you’re gifting this to – they’ll definitely appreciate it!

What we love:

  • Grills are height adjustable and easily turnable
  • Comes with a storage bag for easy transport

What we don’t love:

  • Not very light (12.5 kg) and grills not foldable so pretty bulky although it does pack down flat

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Stainless Steel Billy Teapot

Looking for gifts for people who camp that are more on the affordable side? Stainless steel teapots are the way to go. These teapots are lightweight yet strong and shouldn’t break if dropped. They also retain heat very well and are safe to use directly over the fire. Stainless steel doesn’t absorb odours or flavours either.

This stainless steel Billy Teapot by Campfire is thoughtfully designed with a no drip pouring spout, heat resistant top handle and a convenient pouring handle.

As it’s made of stainless steel, it weighs just 0.5 kg but has a 1.8L capacity. But if you think they’ll need a bigger one, this Billy Teapot is also available in a 2.8 L capacity. Aside from brewing for teas, this could also work for simply water boiling or reheating soup – definitely a camper friendly utensil to bring on every trip.

What we love:

  • Affordable
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Lightweight

What we don’t love:

  • Rear handle gets very hot – best to use a glove/tea towel

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Unique Camping Gifts Ideas

Gift hunting can be a difficult task. You want to get them something that’s actually going to be used but something that’s a bit more unique can make a really memorable gift for the receiver. Check out these unique yet practical gift ideas.

Solar Shower

Staying fresh and clean when camping can be a struggle, especially if there are no on site showers. They work by storing water in a tank/bag that you hang up in the sun – the bags are usually made with a material that effectively traps solar heat inside, heating the water. A solar shower is a fantastic option for those looking for something low cost, lightweight, convenient, and good for the environment.

This solar power shower from Companion is made of very durable 600 denier ripstop polyester and clear PVC. It’s designed with various features like a shower head that can be turned on and off, a large 3.8 cm valve for easy filling and a front pocket that can fit shower essentials like shampoo and soap. Probably my favourite feature is its water temperature gauge – this allows you to see how hot the water in the tank is so you don’t get the nasty shock of cold (or even too hot) water.

It measures 58 x 41 cm and weighs just 300 grams, yet can hold up to 20L of water. This solar shower also comes with a mesh bag for storage. Definitely one of the best gifts for camping enthusiasts.

What we love:

  • Lightweight and doesn’t take up much space when empty
  • Low cost, yet durable with heat welded construction

What we don’t love:

  • Nozzle quality could be better

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Shower & Ensuite Tent

If you really want to find the most unique camping gifts ideas, consider getting them a shower with an ensuite tent. These kinds of tents are usually waterproof and allow campers to have a private space where they can shower, change clothes, or even use the toilet.

Darche’s Twin Cube Shower Tent has two separate cubicles perfect for shower and toilet or however campers would like. Both have outside door access with internal zippers and even an internal door in between. The tent also has two floor types – a built in mesh floor for drainage and a roll up floor.

This tent only weighs 7.2 kg and measures 220 cm L x 130 cm W x 230 cm H (external). Its instant frame set up allows both assembly and pack down in minutes. When set up, the frame can support up to a 20L capacity solar shower. It also comes with an included carry bag.

What we love:

  • Mesh roof design with removable canopy allows optimum ventilation
  • Complete privacy with silver coated walls
  • Includes a towel rack, storage organiser, and multiple hose access nozzles

What we don’t love:

  • All good so far!

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Stocking Stuffer Camping Gifts

Sometimes, stocking stuffer style gifts are the way to go. It’s definitely safer to buy multiple small gifts than to hedge all bets on one larger gift. You could also decide to get one main gift, as well as a couple of smaller stocking stuffer gifts.



Dashboard Compass

We can’t always rely on technology to save the day, especially for those that go camping in the outback where mobile coverage doesn’t always reach. Along with a map, a compass will definitely be a huge help for campers to get back on track in case they’re lost, or just to save the battery life of phones and gadgets.

Pro Kit‘s dashboard compass is a very cheap navigator with 360 degrees viewing. It’s really easy to use with its accuracy compensator and a screw on adjustable base design. Plus, it’s made with a corrosion resistant material so your camper won’t have to worry about carrying it around with them.

This compass weighs 0.5 kg and measures 12 x 12 x 14 cm so it definitely doesn’t get in the way of drivers’ view. This is another “can’t go wrong” gift to think about for any camper, outback driver, or even someone who gets fed up with not knowing which way to go when Google Maps tells them to “head north”.

What we love:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • No need for batteries/charging – can use even when phones/GPS is dead
  • Features precision dial, easy to read angles and direction, and a mounting bracket

What we don’t love:

  • Nothing!

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Canvas Camping Bags

Last but certainly not least is canvas camping bags used for personal belongings or even small tools and equipment. Canvas makes an excellent material for these products due to their durability and strength.

Check out our post on Camping Bags by clicking here.


Things to Consider

Before buying your camper their camping gift, it’s best to think about a few things first, such as:

  • What type of camping do they do?

Do they go remote camping, campsite camping, family camping, RV camping, or do they do another type of camping? This is going to affect the things they need to have a comfortable camp. For example, campsite campers won’t need a portable shower if there are on site showers.

  • How experienced are they?

Beginners may still need basic camping gear but experienced campers may already have a good setup – for experienced campers, you might want to check out our “Unique Camping Gift Ideas” section.

  • What sort of “camping personality” do they have?

Do they like to “rough it” or do they prefer to camp with little luxuries? Some campers love sleeping in just a hammock and being able to gaze up at the night sky. Others like to have a more luxurious camping experience and might be more interested in things like camp ovens.

  • How much do you want to spend?

Some camping items don’t come cheap, but if they are well made and are likely to last a good number of years, they can be a really appreciated investment. If you’d like to keep the bill more affordable, check out our “Stocking Stuffer Camping Gifts” section.

  • How are they getting to the campsite?

No matter how much they love the portable fire pit you got them, if they don’t have a vehicle they can take pretty close to where they’ll be setting up camp, they won’t be able to bring it. Think carefully about the weight and size of the items you buy and if your camper will be able to either fit it comfortably in their rucksack or take it in the car.

Final Thoughts

Camping gifts really do make excellent presents. They’re thoughtful, practical, and can be used time and time again. If you’re thinking of buying a camping gift for him, you absolutely should!

There aren’t many campers that won’t wholeheartedly love the effort you put into finding their gift. There’s something for every camper in this article, from hammocks to fire pits – think carefully about which item suits your camper best and look forward to their reaction when you give them the perfect camping gift.

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