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Finding the Best Camping Lights, Australia [2022]

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Choosing the best camping lights Australia offers can feel a bit overwhelming. With so many designs, brightness levels, power sources, sizes and weights. So, how do you know you’re getting the best lights for camping Australia has on offer?

The aim of this article is to talk you through all the features and considerations that go into choosing the best light for camping. I’ve only included the products that I love and that have a proven reputation of being a sound investment for camping.

Whether you’re looking for the best LED camping lights Australia can give you, the best camping torch, the best camping lantern Australia offers or something else entirely, this article has you covered.

I’ve included an easy-to-use comparison chart of all the best camping lighting, as well as in depth reviews of each product that make finding the best camping light, Australia 2022, much easier.

Top Pick for the Best Camping Lights, Australia

The Coleman Vanquish Spin 550 Lantern is my top choice of all the camping lights we’ve reviewed below! I much prefer a lantern to other types of lights and this one is just so versatile. Use it for 360-degree light coverage at your campsite, to charge your devices or flashing for emergency situations. It’s by a well-known and trusted brand so you know you’re getting quality and it has a great price point so buying a few doesn’t break the bank.

Best Lights for Camping Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick comparison of all the top camping lights I’ve reviewed in this article.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
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Apluste LED Camping Lantern.(+) Compact design.
(+) Versatile mounting.
(+) Durable & waterproof.
(+) Bug-repelling light mode.
(+) 5 light settings.
Companion X180 LED Mozzie Zapper Lantern.
(+) Charge your phone or other device
(+) Very compact
(+) Versatile Mounting
Coleman Vanquish Spin 550 Lantern.(+) 550 Lumens on high
(+) 4 modes High, Med, Low, Flash
(+) Weighs under 1kg
(+) 360 degree light coverage
(+) Auto off feature
(+) Charge phones or other devices

Goal Zero 250 Torch.(+) 250 Lumens
(+) Charge multiple ways - solar, hand crank or USB
(+) Charge your phone or other devices
(+) Versatile - works as a torch or lantern
(-) Weighs 4.1kg

Blazin' Bison LED Rechargeable Lantern.(+) 600 Lumens
(+) Up to 500 hours battery power
(+) Charge your phone, speakers, or other devices
(+) Lifetime guarantee!
(-) Weighs 4.5kg

OzTrail Comet Campsite Light.(+) 2800 Lumens! Light entire camp
(+) Unique, smart design -- light source is above your campsite
(+) Versatile -- use camping, fishing, or heaps of other activities
(+) Reasonable price
(-) Doesn’t charge phones/devices like some competitors

OTYTY Waterproof LED Lights.(+) They're worklights, but great for camping as well
(+) 1500 Lumen - powerful!
(+) Mini flood light - illuminate a wide area
(+) Waterproof - leave out in the rain no problem
(+) Charge your phone or tablet
(-) Doesn’t give 360 degree light coverage

Darche Solar Light.(+) Solar powered but can also be charged via USB
(+) Super compact -- folds down small
(+) Amazing price
(+) Weighs 1.2kg
(-) Doesn’t charge phones/devices like some competitors
(-) 150 Lumens, not the most illuminating

Renogy LED Camping Lantern.(+) Good light output
(+) Super compact
(+) 5 Light modes
(+) Weighs 1.9kg
(+) Doubles as power bank

Led Lenser P7R Rechargeable Torch.(+) Powerful 1400 Lumen torch
(+) Goes out to 300 metres on Boost
(+) 4 Output modes (Boost, H, Mid, Low)
(+) Seven year warranty
(-) Only a couple of hours on High

Camping Light Reviews

Read these detailed camping light reviews to help you find the best camping lamps and lights for your next trip.

Best Camping Lantern: Coleman Vanquish Spin 550 Lantern

Weighing just under 1kg, this Coleman camping light has a rugged, hardwearing design and the potential to light up large campsites with ease. Made from tough plastic with non-slip grips, it’s one of my favourite battery operated camping lanterns due to its great functionality.

Choose between four light settings: high, medium, low, and flashing, which you can use for an emergency situation. If the light is left on for very long periods it will automatically turn off to prevent excessive battery drain. The light is built to handle drops of up to two metres so you don’t need to worry about accidental damage caused by kids (or adults!)

A very cool bonus feature of this light is the ability to charge your mobile or other USB devices such as speakers. The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and shows you its charge status, plus you can tuck the charging wire inside the lantern when not in use. It’s a great option if you’re trying to find the best rechargeable camping lantern.


  • Weighs under 1kg
  • 360-degree light coverage
  • Auto off feature
  • Charge phones or other devices


  • None!

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Best Camping Torch: Goal Zero 250 Torch

If you’re looking for the best camping flashlight that can also double as a multi-purpose light source, this one might be for you. This is a high functioning torch that is perfect to take camping, or just to keep at home in case of power cuts. It’s got a compact design that uses tough plastic for the body. It can be charged with solar power, hand crank, or USB making it super versatile. 

Choose between settings to best suit your needs at the time: use as a torch, red light for emergencies, and a floodlight, with full or half-light options.

This torch can be used to charge your mobile devices, which is such a handy feature when camping to always be contactable. It’s not super light at 4.1kg but with all the settings and features that’s easy to overlook. If you’re looking for the best camping torch Australia has to offer, it’s hard to look past the Goal Zero Torch.


  • Charge multiple ways – solar, hand crank or USB
  • Charge your phone or other devices
  • Versatile – works as a torch or lantern


  • Weighs 4.1kg

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Best LED Camping Light: Blazin’ Bison LED Rechargeable Lantern

This 600 Lumen LED light is Blazin’s updated version of their already super popular lantern. It’s now 50 percent brighter because it includes two batteries as opposed to their single battery model. You can be sure of its durability since it’s guaranteed to survive drops of up to five feet!

This product has 360-degree light coverage so it could be the best rechargeable lantern for you if you’re looking for something with extensive reach. It has six modes including red and white light for a variety of situations, such as reading, card games, eating dinner, or hosting a party. It’s not super lightweight (4.5 kg) but this is made up for with durability and functionality.

Use this light for up to a whopping 500 hours, and when it’s time to recharge you can do so from the wall, your car, or your laptop. The in-built battery level indicator is so handy too. Plus, it’s water resistant and with your purchase, you get a 100% lifetime guarantee.


  • Up to 500 hours battery power
  • Charge your phone, speakers, or other devices
  • Lifetime guarantee!


  • Weighs 4.5kg

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Hard Korr U-Lite 4 Pack Colour Universal LED Lanterns

This versatile 4–pack Colour Universal LED Lanterns has 155 lumens which makes it 50% brighter than the previous version. These lanterns are easy to use; they have a compact design, weigh only 85g, and have built-in rechargeable lithium batteries.

The built-in magnet and elastic strap make them easily attached to surfaces as well as provide numerous mounting options. There are 5 different light settings, the three levels of white light, the bug-reducing orange light, and the flashing orange mode for emergencies.

It is waterproof with IP66 ratings, and the battery lasts 4-6 hours on high and 90+ hours on low. 

The case is very sturdy. The lights and USB charge cable are made of great quality.

The U-Lite 4 Pack Colour Universal LED Lanterns is backed by Hardkorr’s 2-year Australian warranty.


  •  Compact design.
  • Versatile mounting.
  •  Bug-repelling light mode.


  • Has only 155 lumens.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

The Lighthouse Mini light can be used easily with lots of useful features in just a tiny size. Containing 210 lm, enough to keep your camping trips brighter, this lighthouse mini lantern is a USB rechargeable lantern and can run for up to 500 hours on a low setting. There’s another USB connector on the lantern that allows you to charge your electronics.

The lantern has two modes: full-on, which illuminates both sides; and half-on, which illuminates only one side. You can adjust the brightness from full to low light mode to maximize the energy. It contains a rechargeable and removable 3000 mAh Li-ion battery. It can be easily mounted with its built-in hook and magnets. With the included charging cord, you can connect to any USB port.

The Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern is backed by 1-year warranty.


  • Charge your phone and other devices.
  • Very compact.
  • Versatile Mounting.


  • Not sure if its water resistant.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

OzTrail Comet Campsite Light

OZtrail’s light is a bit unique to the other products I’ll review- the light source attaches to a flexible fibreglass pole (similar to a tent pole) meaning you can elevate above where you’re situated. This clever design means you get a wide coverage of light and nobody’s getting blinded by a bright light in front of them. This light is so versatile: use camping, night fishing, or even in an emergency break down situation.

The power cord is extra-long for your convenience and can connect to your car with the terminal lights included in the box. A nice feature is the dimmer switch so you can control the brightness.

The included sand spike is great when you’re out in the bush or on the beach and you get velcro straps in case you want to secure the light to a tree or other structure. All of this comes in a compact carry bag that keeps everything protected.


  • Unique, smart design — light source is above your campsite
  • Versatile — use camping, fishing, or heaps of other activities
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn’t charge phones/devices like some competitors

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OTYTY Waterproof LED Lights

You can pick up these 1500 lumen LED lights in a pack of two or just get one on its own. Their primary purpose is as work lights but they’re also great for camping and that’s what heaps of customers have used them for. They’re similar to floodlights in design but much more compact. They are equipped with a handle that can be used to transform the light into a handy wide beamed torch.

The two lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable or you can use four AA batteries – bring a set of batteries on your trip and you don’t need to worry about running out of charge. There are three modes of lighting: high, low, and strobe

You can charge your phone or other USB devices using these lights. They’re also completely waterproof, so feel free to use out in the rain and they weigh just 4.5 kg. These lights have had phenomenal feedback on Amazon from thousands of happy shoppers.


  • 1500 Lumen – powerful!
  • Mini flood light – illuminate a wide area
  • Waterproof – leave out in the rain no problem
  • Charge your phone or other 


  • Doesn’t give 360-degree light coverage

Click here to check price on Amazon

Darche Solar Light

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution to bring you out of the darkness, finding the best solar lights for camping could be just what you need. Hang this light in your tent with the provided hook, or even on your belt or backpack using the included carabiner clip.

Charge up this light using the power of the sun, meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed to always have a power supply. But, don’t fear if it’s a cloudy day since you can also charge it using the provided USB cord. Charging with solar takes around 12-15 hours, or with USB 4-5. It lasts up to 20 hours on the low setting. The different coloured lights on the battery indicator mean you know it’s charging, and also when it’s fully charged.

Choose between bright white, warm white and low level warm white light, depending on your needs. A cool feature of this light is that the silicone bulb folds down to make it even more compact for storage and also to change the span of the light coverage, plus it weighs only 1.2kg! These could be the best camping lights for tents if you want to lower you don’t want to lug along a generator or charge from your car.


  • Solar powered but can also be charged via USB
  • Super compact — folds down small
  • Amazing price
  • Weighs 1.2kg


  • Doesn’t charge phones/devices like some competitors

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Renogy LED Camping Lantern

This super compact Renogy lantern is built with tough plastic and has a silicone shell and can be hung in your tent with its built-in hook or just placed on a surface. It also has a strong magnet that you can use to stick it to a metal surface (like your car bonnet). It could also be hung on your belt or backpack if you’re out trekking. It’s so compact, so it doesn’t take up much space in your bag.

Choose between low, middle, high brightnesses as well as strobe and SOS mode. You can use this lantern as a power bank and it’s powerful too, charging devices quickly. This lantern is water resistant and weighs just 1.9 kg. This light is offered at such a fab price, it’s a great option for anyone looking for the best cheap camping lights.


  • Super compact
  • Weighs 1.9kg
  • Doubles as power bank


  • None to think of!

Click here to check price on Amazon

Led Lenser P7R Rechargeable Torch

This product is an LED 1400 Lumen torch – super powerful. If you’re looking for a handheld torch to see far into the distance, this is most likely a good fit for you since you can shine the beam up to 300 metres.

Choose between settings blink, boost, low power, mid power, high power, SOS, or strobe

The battery is lithium ion and is simple to change by unscrewing the cap. This torch can be used for flood lighting or spot lighting to serve your needs. 

The high build quality of this torch means it’s protected against water and dust, and you can even use it underwater for a short period. Along with your purchase, you’ll get an impressive seven-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


  • Powerful 1400 Lumen torch
  • Seven-year warranty


  • Can’t be used as a lantern but it’s a powerful torch

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Types of Lights for Camping?

First of all, you’ve got to decide which kind of light you’re looking for or if you need a few different kinds. Is it the best torch for camping? Or perhaps the best tent light? Each kind of light will have different benefits but the one you choose should be based on your needs. 

  • Lantern – A lantern light looks a little like those old-fashioned gas-powered lights people used decades ago. The best camping lanterns are an effective way to light your surroundings 360 degrees.
  • Torch – This kind is used to shine the light on a specific spot or area. They’re not great at lighting large areas but some devices can double as a torch and lantern.
  • LED Light – LED stands for light emitting diode. This best LED light for camping is usually way more energy efficient than traditional forms of light. If you’re after a low-cost light or like to do your bit for the planet, this might be the right choice for you.
  • Tent Light – A tent light is usually a light that gives 360-degree coverage while also hanging on a hook on the roof of your tent. You don’t want a light that’s super bright for this purpose because you’ll end up blinding yourself and/or your tentmates.
  • Gazebo Light – A gazebo light is a similar concept to a tent light — it’s designed to light up the area under your gazebo. Some gazebo lights come in the form of fairy lights, and others are just a sole light that emits lights in a 360-degree span.

Features of the Best Camping Lighting

So, you’re looking for the best camping light Australia can offer you? Then you need to pay attention to these key features and qualities to find the best match for you and your family.

Power Source

This is a major consideration – are you going to look for the best solar camping lights Australia has to offer, or perhaps the best battery-operated camping lights. Other options such as mains powered, gas, or rechargeable lithium battery options are out there too.

Personally, I really like solar powered lights since no matter what, you’ve got a potential source of power – even if you’re stuck in the middle of the bush, you’ll still have your solar powered light, which could potentially charge your phone.

If you choose a rechargeable product, be sure to check how long the battery life is and how long they will take to fully recharge. There’s not much point purchasing something that you have to fire up the car or generator every hour to recharge or leave charging all day. 

Many lights come with more than one power option such as solar and USB options. This is a smart way to go so you have a back-up plan in case of emergencies.

Light Output

This may or may not be a big concern to you. If you regularly need a brightly lit area to carry out activities like packing or trekking in the dark, then you should look for a powerful light (with a high Lumen output i.e., bright!). If you just need enough light to see inside your tent, then a low Lumen count should be enough.

The best camping LED lights will have various settings with different Lumen counts so you can adjust the light output according to the situation. These are the best options if you want something super versatile that can be used for cooking at night, exploring the bush or just sitting in the tent and reading.

Size & Weight

If you’re looking for the perfect camping light, then you’re probably looking for one that doesn’t take up too much space and doesn’t weigh an absolute ton. If this light is going in your backpack you want it to be small and light, so pay attention to the dimensions and weight. The same goes for if you’re travelling to camp by car. A large bulky light that takes up half your boot space isn’t very practical.

The best portable torch for instance needs to be compact but still have a good Lumen count, as well as being durable, and long lasting.


The lights that we’ve selected in our article have all passed safety standards and have proven records with safety.

However, safety is always something to be on the lookout for. Especially when in a tent, you want to limit the potential of there being any fire hazards. The best battery powered lights are durable and shouldn’t get hot to the touch – this could cause injury to pets or kids.

Most camping lights will also be cord free so as to minimise tripping hazards but if they will be plugged in to recharge it could be something to consider.

Other Features

Each camper is different, which is why it’s good to consider other qualities in your potential new light. 

  • Waterproof – You never know what the weather will be like, so a waterproof light is nice to have since you’re not constantly worried about it becoming damaged.
  • Auto off time – If you fall asleep with the light still on that could drain all its power. An auto off feature is a good preventative measure against this.
  • Phone charger – Nobody wants to be without their phone in the wilderness. Some lights have the extra ability to charge your phone, tablet, speakers, and more. This is so handy!
  • Adjustable brightness – Sometimes you need a strong, bright light, but other times you want a softer light, such as when chatting with friends, or to comfort kids as they’re going to bed. The best LED lantern will usually allow you to adjust the brightness.

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