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Camping Bags, Australia: The Best Camping Storage Ideas! [2022]

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Here is an update on camping bags.  I’ve added in some specific bags that have come onto the market by a local supplier – Camprite.  They are great products, and are worthwhile checking out. 

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A tough, well made camping bag is one of the best camping storage ideas for a number of reasons. They’re a great way to protect your equipment and make transport and storage of all your camping gear way easier.

In this guide, I’ll be take you through some of the things to consider before buying the best camp oven bags, best camping storage containers and just the best camping bags in general. I’ll also look at some of the benefits of canvas vs other materials or storage options. Once I’m done, you’ll know exactly which are the best bags for your individual needs.

Our Favourite Canvas Camping Bags, Australia

If you’re looking for the best way to store camping gear I’m a huge fan of all the great storage solutions on offer at the moment. From camp oven carry bags and portable toilet bags to extra large multi purpose options – there’re some great storage bags. Camping has never been easier thanks to these high quality canvas bags and unique storage solutions.

Camping Storage Ideas, Australia

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Take a look at our camping storage bag reviews and choose which one is the best for you personally.

Camp Oven Bags

Whoever invented camp ovens is a genius – they are fantastic and allow you to cook seriously delicous food right at your campsite. When transporting and storing your oven though, it’s very possible for it to become damaged. An oven bag is designed to let you store your oven without the risk of breakage and dents. A good bag will need to be tough and durable enough to store a heavy camp oven.

Camprite Camp Oven Bag

This particular camp oven bag is made by Camprite, and it’s worth a look.  It represents value-for-money, is well made and it’s from a local camping business right here in Oz. It’s made of an easy clean, durable material to allow you to carry a dirty camp oven!  No more soot and smoke stains over hands, other camping gear and your vehicle/camper trailer.

Key Features

  • Designed specifically for camp ovens
  • Long, strong carry handles with velcro tab
  • Heavy duty zip
  • 34cm x 24cm

For more information, videos and latest price, just click here.

Small Camping Storage Bags

A bag designed specifically as storage for camping can make your experience that much nicer when travelling and staying at a remote or busy campsite.

Camping bags come in a range of sizes but bigger isn’t always better. If you’re camping alone, or with a small family, then a small bag can be more convenient. The best small camping bags will have a convenient opening so that you can access your stuff with as little hassle as possible.

Camprite Storage Bag with Clear Lid

This particular product is one of my favourite storage bags. Why? Because it comes with a clear lid. No more having to open up the bag to see what’s in it, it’s right there in front of you.

Camping storage possibilities are endless thanks to this durable product. It measures 40.5cm x 25cm x 15cm and is made from durable, long-life, soft materials.

Key Features

  • Clear lid for ease of seeing what’s inside
  • Black in colour
  • Super tough and rugged
  • Long handles with velcro tab
  • 40.5cm(L) x 25cm (W) x 15cm (H)
  • Multi purpose carry bag

For more information, videos and latest price, just click here

Special Purpose Camping Storage Bags

Camping storage bags are the best thing to keep your gear organised, protected and usually means packing up your kit into your vehicle, caravan or camping trailer is made so much easier.

There are an increasing number of bags that are purpose made for almost anything you may have in your outdoors gear. Here’s a few to show you what I mean.

Storage Bag for Cooking Charcoal

This one is designed to help you out by storing your charcoal in a purpose built bag that makes it clean, easy to carry and no more unfortunate spills in the vehicle. 

You can either drop your bag of charcoal into it, or empty it from the plastic bag straight into it.  Either way you’ve now got a way to keep your charcoal or heat beads until you need to use them.

Key Features

  • Designed for cooking charcoal, but really can be used for anything.
  • Robust zip
  • Tough carry handles
  • 30cm x 18cm x 40cm

For more information and latest price on the charcoal storage bag, just click here.

Pegs and Ropes Storage Bag

This can be used for any sort of storage that you like, as it’s the same line of quality products put out by Camprite.  The secret to saving time and hassle when camping is having a place for everything and everything in its place.

This bag does that nicely!  Size is 40cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 18cm (H).

For more information and latest price on this storage bag by clicking here.

Hose & Cable Storage Bags

Check out these bags to keep hoses and cables neat and manageable.  Each one is clearly labelled to make it super easy to know what’s in the bag. 

Also, the design of the opening makes it very easy to coil up the hose or cable into the bag without it springing out.

Grey Water Hose Bag – 41cm x 16cm with opening of 16cm across. Click here for more info.

Drinking Water Hose Bag – 33cm x 16cm with opening of 16cm across. Click here for more info.

Electrical Cable Bag – 25cm x 18cm with opening of 11cm across. Click here for more info.

These bags are cost effective way to keep all those hoses and cables nicely organised.

Generator Cover & Carry Bags

If you’re bringing a generator along on your camping trip, then you’ll want to consider getting a generator cover and carry bag to protect it from water and dust. Generators need to be cared for carefully to ensure longevity. You don’t want to be caught out with a run down generator and a good storage bag goes a long way to prevent this.

There are generator bags for a range of brands but also some universal sized bags so you can find a bag to fit pretty much whatever generator you’ve got. These bags are strong and, most importantly, completely waterproof down to the zip, so your generator will be safe from water damage.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about your family’s safety, any petrol fumes from the generator are safely contained while you’re travelling. If you’ve ever travelled with a generator or fuel tanks in the back of your car, you know how nasty that can be! They include strong carry handles that wrap around the base of the bag, increasing the strength and durability. Choose between grey, red, or blue.

Key Features

  • Water and dustproof
  • Specialised coated zippers – further improves water and dust resistance
  • Safe – protection from fumes
  • Brand specific or universal fit available

Extra Large Canvas Storage Bags

An extra large bag can mean the difference between cramming your camping gear in or fitting everything in comfortably. These extra large sized bags are also a great solution if you’re looking to make 4×4 recovery bags that can fit plenty of gear for those more remote trips.

Measuring 80cm x 32cm x 32cm, this camping gear bag is designed to be hard wearing – an important feature considering that it may be carrying quite a bit of weight. It’s built using a heavy weight canvas that is completely waterproof, UV resistant, and resistant to mould and mildew. This could make a fantastic 4×4 gear bag that can remain in the back of a vehicle.

Comes complete with strong carry handles that wrap around the base of the bag for added durability and strength and a zip that allows you to open the top of the bag completely for better searching through. The base is coloured black to prevent staining. Get one of these canvas gear bags in grey, green, or tan.

Key Features

  • Tough – heavy weight, ripstop fabric
  • 100% waterproof
  • Very large and can fit heaps of gear
  • UV & mould resistant

Portable Toilet Carry Bags

If you’ve got a portable toilet, it’s pretty important to get a portable toilet carry bag. Not only does a bag make your toilet easier to carry, but from a hygiene perspective, it just makes sense. It means you won’t have to put it directly next to all your other things and it won’t be in view of people around when you’re travelling either.

The main suppliers offer bags for the Dometic, Fiamma and Porta Potti brand toilets for a range of different models. Each camping toilet carry bag is designed specifically for a particular toilet so you know it will fit perfectly (make sure you choose the right one!).

The bag is designed to let you take the toilet out and put it back in with ease. This isn’t made from a canvas material but they are such a great product we included it anyway. The material is a hard wearing PVC that can be easily cleaned and is available in either black or grey. It has a zippable top and strong carry handles. All toilet bags include a 12 month warranty.

Key Features

  • Multiple styles available – guaranteed perfect fit
  • PVC – easy to clean and tough
  • Discreet for storage/transport
  • 12 month warranty

Portable BBQ Carry Bags

Without trying to be dramatic, portable bbq carry bags can be life changing. Lugging around your BBQ to and from the campsite can become a problem, especially since they are usually heavy and coated in blackened grease which easily stains clothing. A portable grill bag safely contains your BBQ to prevent damage, makes it way easier to carry, and prevents you or your guests from getting covered in unwelcome grease.

There are carry bags for The Ziegler and Brown single and double burner. Choose between black, red, or grey. They’re made from tough but easily cleanable PVC. They are completely waterproof to protect your BBQ but also protect your nose from unwanted, escaping BBQ smells when you’re travelling.

This canvas BBQ bag comes with a rugged zip that allows you to completely open up the top. They also have comfortable soft grip handles that allow them to be carried easily, and a 12 month warranty for your peace of mind.

Key Features

  • Grab handles at each end – easy for two people to carry
  • Quality material – waterproof and seals BBQ smells
  • Easy loading and cleaning – the top of the bag opens up completely
  • Can be custom made for particular models

Weber BBQ Carry Bags

Weber Baby Q Bag

This Australian made Weber Baby Q carry bag is another kind of BBQ carry bag but is designed specifically for the Weber Baby Q – one of the most popular portable BBQs in Australia.

The standout feature of the Weber BBQ carry bag is that its design includes wheels (technically a separate cart) – simply tow it behind you with no worries about carrying a hefty BBQ. The bag comes in grey, red, or black. The fabric is completely waterproof, as are the zips, and the bag is easily cleanable with soapy water.

There’s also a storage compartment in the Weber Baby Q bag where you can put cooking utensils and paper towels, so all your mess is contained within the bag itself. You’ll get a 12 month warranty with your purchase.

Key Features

  • Easy to clean PVC fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Made in Australia

Weber Q Bag

The Australian made Weber Q bag is specifically designed for the Weber Q BBQ set. This product is actually a “set” that includes both a Weber Q carry bag and a portable cart.

Built with super easy to clean PVC, you can choose between colours red, grey, or black. The bag is completely waterproof, down to the zippers, to fully protect your BBQ – also keeps smells in. You’ll get a 12 month warranty so you know you’re getting quality you can trust.

This set includes the carry bag and a handy cart with wheels that all attaches together to make transporting to and from your campsite even easier.

Key Features

  • Easy to clean PVC fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Includes a wheeled cart
  • Made in Australia

Why are Camping Storage Systems important?

Having a well thought out storage system for camping means you can be organised when packing for your trip, travelling to your campsite and while you’re at the campsite itself. You need to think about your equipment, food, tools, tents, sleeping bags, firewood, and any other things you need.

The best tent camping storage ideas should aim to make your life easier. Good camping bags will protect your stuff from the elements and provide convenient ways to transport your gear. Any storage for camping gear needs to be waterproof and rugged to withstand the changeable Australian weather and climates.

It’s a great idea to make sure your storage bags or boxes can be stored exactly as they are at home, in the car and at your campsite. This means to unpacking and packing every time you want to go on a trip. Instead, simply transfer the bags from home, to the car, to the campsite and vice versa.

What to use Camping Gear Storage Bags for?

A camping storage bag can be used to store a huge range of items but some are specifically designed for certain purposes. For example, canvas tent bags are intended to store your tent gear, while canvas chair bags are to protect your camping chairs.

A quality camping kitchen storage bag allows you to store specific items, for instance, your camp oven or BBQ equipment, whereas camping clothes storage ideas will help to preserve your clothes from outdoor camp conditions.

Other bags are just designed to be general camping equipment storage bags for clothes, food, and other miscellaneous items. Multi purpose bags are a great idea if you often buy new gear but you should make sure to mark them up somehow so you’re not constantly checking inside to see what each holds.

Canvas Vs PVC Camping Equipment Storage Bags

Camping gear storage bags can be made from different materials, but most commonly they’re made from canvas or PVC. Some bags are even made from a mixture of both meaning you get the durability of canvas with the ease of cleaning that PVC can bring!


Canvas bags for camping gear carry several advantages. Many are made with ripstop canvas – canvas weaved in such a way to make it more resistant to tearing and ripping. Many are also UV stabilised to protect them from sun damage. Always look out for a bag’s waterproofness, sometimes measured in mm but sometimes simply give as “100% waterproof.”


  • Very rugged and durable
  • Usually waterproofed
  • Can usually be easily repaired


If you’re planning on getting a PVC camp bag, then you’ll want to look out for the bag’s “GSM” – GSM means “grams per square metre.” The higher the GSM, the more weight there is per square meter, and this means the more fabric that makes up your camping bag. A higher GSM is typically better since it will be more rugged and better at preserving temperatures. A big plus of PVC bags is their ease of cleaning.


  • Usually fairly cheap
  • Super easy to clean
  • Mould & mildew resistant

Features to Consider

Carry Handles

Carry handles are important. If they’re flimsy and break, your bag immediately becomes way less useful. Some handles wrap underneath the bag which goes a long way to strengthen it as the weight is distributed more evenly when carrying. Also, some handles allow two people to comfortably carry the bag together, lessening the weight for one person.


Flat felled seams are the strongest and won’t unravel since their edges are hidden. Second to that are welt seams. Seams are one of the weakest spots in a bag and a place where you’re most likely to have trouble if you buy a low quality bag, so always examine them carefully.

Ease of cleaning

As mentioned, PVC is generally easier to clean, but that doesn’t mean you should cut out canvas from your considerations. While it’s often easy to wipe clean a PVC bag, canvas bags usually aren’t a lot of trouble to spot clean or just wash using soapy water.


Zippers are another area you want to be aware of and buying higher quality usually means you’ll get a longer lifetime out of them. A good zipper needs to prevent not just dirt and sand but also fumes such as cooking smells or fuel.

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