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How to Find the Best 4WD Awnings, Australia [2022]

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Looking for the best 4WD awnings Australia offers? Well look no further!

With hundreds of options out there to choose from, finding the best 4×4 awning can seem like a mammoth task. That’s why we’re going to talk you through all the considerations that go into picking the perfect awning for your vehicle.

We’ve hand-picked a selection of the best 4wd awnings in Australia complete with thorough and in depth 4wd awning reviews, so that you don’t need to worry about doing all that time-consuming research.

Whether you’re looking for the best 270-degree awning, the best awning tent, a super compact awning, or you need a fantastic budget option, we’ve got you covered.

Pick of the Best 4WD Awnings, Australia:

All of the awnings we’ve reviewed below would make a great choice but if I had to choose just one, my top 4wd awning to invest in would be the Rhino Rack Batwing Awning.

You always know you’re going to get high quality from Rhino Rack, yes it comes with a higher price tag but it’ll last for years and over even the roughest terrain. The shade area is huge and it’s easy to set up with just one person – check our review below!

The Best 4×4 Awning – Comparison Chart

Browse our easily readable comparison chart and take a look at our in-depth reviews of the top rated 4wd awnings the internet has to offer.

(+) Pros (-) Cons
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Darche Eclipse 180 Awning Generation 2(+) Easy to set-up.
(+)It features an Aluminium hinge system.
(+)320gsm polycotton ripstop canvas.
(+)8.2m² coverage
(+)Can be mounted to both sides of the vehicle.
(+)1500mm PU waterproofing
(+)Two-year Warranty
(-)Quite heavy for its size

Rhino Rack Batwing Awning(+) 11 sq metres
(+)270 Degree Coverage
(+) Good range of mounting accessories to suit all racks
(+) Comes in LH and RH models
(+) One year warranty
(-) Not cheap - but you get a fantastic piece of kit that will last for years

Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning(+) 11 sq metres
(+) 270 Degrees Coverage
(+) Additional walls & accessories available
(+) Comes in LH and RH models
(+) Zips on all sides to attach accessories
(+) Two year warranty
(-) May need to purchase a roof rack mounting kit

Darche Eclipse 270 Awning(+) 11.5 sq metres
(+) 270 Degrees coverage
(+) Free standing - although comes with pegs & kit to secure it
(+) Walls and accessories available
(+) Two year warranty
(-) Doesn't include mounting kit for Whisper & Rhino Bars
(-) OUT OF STOCK as of 25 Nov 2020

Adventure Kings 270 King Wing Awning(+) 11 sq metres
(+) Like all AK products, very affordable
(+) Fitting kit included
(+) Can add zip-on walls
(+) 270 Degree coverage
(-) LH option only

Adventure Kings 2.5m x 2.5m Side Awning(+) 2.5m x 2.5m (6.25 sq metres)
(+) The price - wow, what a bargain!
(+) Comes with one sidewall
(+) Easy setup (one person)
(-) Doesn't come with brackets - must purchase separately
(-) Presumably a 1 year warranty.

Oztrail RV Shade Awning Tent(+) The price - brilliand deal!
(+) Enclosed tent - sleeps 4
(+) Polyester floor
(+) Open up during the day for normal open awning
(-) None really

Ironman 4X4 Awning(+) 2.5m x 2.5m (6.25 sq metres)
(+) Retractable - setup is easy
(+) One year warranty
(+) Built in LED light strip w/ dimmer
(-) None

Bushwakka Extreme 270 Awning(+) 2.5m width
(+) Freestanding (no poles)
(+) Fits wide range of roof racks
(+) All aluminium components
(+) Optional fully enclosed wall kit (sold separately)
(+) Quick to setup, super lightweight at 22kg.

Howling Moon Leisure Awning(+) 2.1m x 2.5m (5.25 sq metres)
(+) Fits most roof racks
(+) All aluminium components
(+) Two year warranty
(+) Optional front and rear walls (sold separately)
(-) Does not come with mounting hardware

The Bush Company 270 Gull Wing Awning(+) Freestanding - no poles required unless windy
(+) Extends out 2.3m from the vehicle
(+) 270 Degree coverage
(+) Compatible with their Clamshell range of RTTs
(-) Not cheap, but it's damn good

Supa-RV Supa Stand Easy ERV Rear Awning(+) Retractable rear awning
(+) Comes with stainless steel brackets
(+) 2 year warranty
(+) Extensively tested in the Aussie outback

Ostrich Wing 270 Awning(+) 270 Degree coverage - with brackets
(+) 11 sq metres of shade
(+) Super durable canvas w/ giant zippers
(+) Free standing - ultra heavy duty
(-) Excellent product, but pricey
NB: Only ships to WA, NT, SA

OCAM Wing Awning(+) Very competitively priced!
(+) 2.5m extension from vehicle (270 Degree coverage)
(+) Mounting hardware included
(+) Can be used as a freestanding awning
(+) Available in LH and RH side mounting

Drifta Rapid Wing Awning(+) Rapid setup
(+) Zip wall attachment
(+) LH and RH mounting available
(+) Base version and kit version - pegs+LED Light Strip

Hannibal Safari Legless Awning(+) Simple to setup
(+) Available in 3 sizes - 1.4m x 1.3m, 1.9mx1.7m, 2.4mx2m
(+) Five year warranty
(+) Single wall and full wall kits available
(-) Must send enquiry to find price

4WD Awning Reviews, Australia

First, read our 4×4 awning reviews, to see exactly what’s out there before learning a bit more about the most important features.

Darche Eclipse 180 Awning Gen 2

Darche has added a lot of great features to this new and improved awning. One of which is an aluminum hinge system. The awning stretches 6m down the side of the truck and is hinged at both ends, covering up to 8.2m2. It also comes with two sturdy aluminum telescopic leg poles that can be easily set up and stored neatly in the rafters after use.

One of the best things about this awning is that it can be put on both sides of your car. It is made of 320gsm polycotton ripstop canvas and, for the ultimate waterproofing, a 1500mm PU with HF seam sealing. The awning uses a sturdy lightweight box tube alloy rafter system.

You can add a wall to your awning, which is sold separately, to complete your camping experience. The awning is backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • Additional walls & accessories are available.
  • 320 gsm proofed poly/ cotton ripstop canvas
  • Two-Year Warranty


  • Quite heavy for its size.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Rhino Rack Batwing Awning.

This awning calls itself the “Batwing” — due to its wing style appearance that wraps around the vehicle 270 degrees. It gives you 11 square metres of coverage, using a durable water and mould resistant material and it’s a great size for a 4wd shade awning. Plus, it keeps you and your family safe from harmful UV rays with its UPF 50+ protection.

The awning is compatible with accessories such as side walls, extension pieces, and tents (not included). In the box, you’ll get the awning along with the required ropes, pegs, and poles. It also comes with a fitting kit that helps you mount it to your car’s roof rack. When not in use, all components go neatly in the heavy-duty storage bag.

This 4wd batwing awning is super easy to set up in just minutes, with only one person required to both assemble and take it down. Choose between a left or right-handed model to suit your needs. For your piece of mind, you’ll get a one-year warranty with your purchase.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Rhino rack roof rack either (although you really should look into those – they are a great piece of kit!) as there is an adaptor bracket for other roof racks.


  • 270-degree coverage
  • Good range of additional accessories
  • One-year warranty


  • Not cheap — but you get a fantastic piece of kit that will last for years

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Oztent Foxwing 270 Awning.

This 270-degree awning by Oztent is designed to make life easy for you — its simple operation means it can be set up and packed down in a matter of minutes, with only one person required. The awning uses entirely mould and rust resistant materials. The canopy includes handy toggles that can be used to attach LED lights so you can keep the adventure going past sundown.

Every inch of the awning material will give you UPF 50+ protection and has a CPAI-84 fire resistance rating. Zips on all sides make it fully compatible with a range of accessories. In the box you’ll get the awning itself along with the claw spigoted aluminium telescopic poles, reflective guy ropes, and pegs. Everything can be packed away neatly in the durable storage bag.

The awning comes complete with an external surrounding skirting that gives this piece of a kit a really weather resistant quality. Easily attach to most cross bars, but you may need to purchase a mounting kit for some roof racks. With your purchase, you’ll get a two-year warranty.


  • 270 degrees coverage
  • Additional walls & accessories available
  • Two-year warranty


  • Doesn’t come with roof rack mounting kit

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Darche Eclipse 270 Awning

This Darche Awning calls itself the “Eclipse” since it provides a huge amount of shade from its 270 degree wrap around design. It’s designed as a freestanding unit making it so easy to set up, however, in strong winds you can use the pegs to secure it to the ground. You only need one person to set up and it takes just a minute or two.

You get approximately 11.5 square metres of space under the awning. You can purchase attachable walls to give you a break from the wind, and these can also be erected to further extend the shade coverage.

The canvas used is durable poly cotton. It uses ripstop technology, so that if a tear does appear in the awning because of an accident, it won’t continue to grow. This awning doesn’t come cheap but it is an investment that you can use again and again. Plus, you’ll get a two year warranty with your purchase.


  • 270 degrees coverage
  • Walls & accessories available
  • Two-year warranty


  • Doesn’t include mounting kit for Whisper and Rhino bars

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Adventure Kings 270 King Wing Awning

The 270-degree King Wing by Adventure Kings markets itself as the “first truly affordable” yet quality wrap around 4×4 awning ever sold in Australia. We think they’re right — you get an incredible 11 square metres of coverage that only takes one person to set up. It’s offered only with a left-hand side option — the preferred side for most.

The canvas uses a polycotton ripstop material to prevent tearing and the material is UPF50+. The bag they give you to store all the components is designed to be oversized — this makes pack up way easier than other models since you don’t have to try overly hard to jam everything in.

Along with the awning, you’ll get a free fitting kit — not included in the price with some awnings. This awning is accessory compatible — zip walls onto the awning for wind protection (not included).


  • The price — wow, what a bargain!
  • 270-degree coverage
  • Compatible with walls


  • No mention of warranty – presumably 12 months

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Adventure Kings 2.5m x 2.5m Side Awning

Adventure Kings have come through with another super budget friendly option. This time it’s a side awning — this is a great no fuss awning which gets the job done, at a fraction of the cost of other awnings. It’s 2.5 metres squared, which is plenty enough shade for you and your family.

The best thing? The awning is sold in a bundle along with an attachable wall. You get both pieces for an absolute bargain price. Both are rated UPF 50+ so you’re guaranteed to be sheltered from the hot sun. They’re also waterproof.

This awning is easy to set up — just one person can do the set up and take down. You’d be mad not to consider this awning and wall bundle if you’re looking for a 4×4 awning that won’t break the bank.


  • The price — wow, what a bargain!
  • Comes with one wall
  • Easy set up (only one person needed)


  • Doesn’t come with brackets — must purchase separately
  • No mention of warranty

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Oztrail RV Shade Awning Tent

This one is an awning tent. It’s a fully enclosed tent that can sleep four. In the daytime, you can open up the doors and use it like a normal awning. The best thing about this awning is the price — really budget friendly. You’ll struggle to find a product like this any cheaper.

The walls use a 150 Denier 100% polyester, which totally protects you against insects. The polyester floor is designed to prevent seepage from the damp ground. You can use this awning tent with a standard SUV or 4WD since you can adjust the mounting height.

This awning weighs in at just 7 kg, making it perfect for any outdoor adventure. For peace of mind, you’ll get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with your purchase.


  • The price — a brilliant deal!
  • Use as a fully enclosed tent
  • One-year warranty


  • None!

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Ironman 4X4 Awning

The is a 4wd retractable awning. It rolls up into the body that sits mounted onto your roof rack, ready to go. It’s so quick to set up — just pull it out and the legs fold down to support it.

This awning uses a 280gsm ripstop poly cotton which is both breathable and waterproof. It’s also got UV50+ protection and is mould resistant. The glow in the dark guy ropes and pegs are included so nobody will go flying in the dark.

The awning has a cool feature for use in the dark — an integrated dimmer for the built in LED light strip. When not in use, and stored away, the awning has a durable 1000D waterproof PVC cover to prevent any weather damage from being left out for prolonged periods. With your purchase, you’ll get a one-year Ironman warranty.


  • Retractable — set up is so easy!
  • One-year warranty


  • Nil

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Bushwakka Extreme 270 Awning

This awning provides for quick installation and has a generous shade area.   It is dead easy for one person to set it up, taking less than a minute.

The nice thing about this awning is it’s free standing, so there is no need to fiddle around with poles and ropes; and the unique hinge arrangement provides good strength all but the most extreme weather conditions.

There is a separate wall kit, which turns the awning into a fully enclosed area, suitable for sleeping and getting out of the weather. See website for details.


  • 270 Degree retractable, free standing
  • 2.5 m wide coverage
  • Weighs in at a very light 22kg, due to the all aluminium construction
  • Fits pretty much all vehicles, complete with heavy duty brackets


  • None

Visit to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Howling Moon Leisure Awning

This one’s another retractable awning. It can fit most roof racks and caravan tent extensions. Have it set up in less than one minute. It uses a durable ripstop material that prevents accidental tears from growing.

When not in use the awning is stored into a zippable waterproof PVC cover. All metal components use rust resistant aluminium. This awning has no trouble in strong winds when you use it along with the provided guy ropes and pegs. Add optional front and side walls (not purchased separately). Along with your purchase you’ll get a two year warranty.


  • Retractable — set up so easy!
  • Two-year warranty


  • None to think of!

Visit to read more reviews and to check the current price.

The Bush Company 270 Gull Wing Awning

This 270-degree awning calls itself the “Gull Wing”. It looks fantastic and provides ample shade under it’s 2.3 metre expanse. The durable canvas is 280gsm and is mildew and mould resistant. It’s also UV resistant. The awning can be used free standing but you should use the supplied poles and guy ropes in windy conditions.

The awning is easy to fix onto your roof rack, but you can even attach it to the base of The Bush Company’s Clamshell Roof Top Tents. Set up takes around 30 seconds and only requires one person. Taking it down is just as easy. You can purchase walls that attach to the awning with velcro to provide you extra protection from the elements.


  • 270-degree coverage
  • Can work freestanding — no poles needed unless windy


  • Not cheap, but great quality

Visit to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Supa-RV Supa Stand Easy ERV Rear Awning

Supa-RV offers this great quality retractable 4×4 rear awning at a budget friendly price. The canvas uses a 275 GSM lightweight material that is rot, mould, and mildew resistant. The canvas is UV treated to keep you and your family out of harm’s way in the Australian sun.

Along with the awning you’ll get stainless steel brackets to be used to mount the awning, as well as pegs for windy conditions. This awning has been tested out in the Australian outback to ensure it’s suitable for all conditions you’re likely to face. With your purchase, you’ll get a two-year warranty for your piece of mind.


  • Retractable
  • Comes with mounting brackets
  • Not too pricey


  • None

Visit to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Ostrich Wing 270 Awning

This 4×4 roof awning gives you expansive coverage — it wraps around 270 degrees and can work freestanding. You’ll get 11 square metres of protection from the elements with this awning. It doesn’t come cheap but this is a premium quality awning that could last you years and years.

The canvas uses a super durable 380gsm, rip block material that is also UV Resistant and rot proof. The bag for this awning uses canvas (instead of PVC like awnings often do), this means that if you put it away whilst it’s still damp, you won’t get problems with it smelling like mildew. The bag is also plenty big enough — you don’t have to force everything in.

​The awning uses giant sized zippers, which mean they won’t get stuck due to sand or dirt. Along with the awning, you’ll get brackets, which can be used for most vehicles. There’s no mention of warranty with this awning, but be sure to enquire with Ostrich if this is important to you.


  • 270-degree coverage
  • Includes brackets


  • Not cheap, but great quality

Visit to read more reviews and to check the current price.

OCAM Wing Awning

OCAM’s awning provides 270 degrees coverage and stretches 2.5 metres from the vehicle. You get such a big space to relax in and use with all the family/friends and for a fantastic price!  It’s super easy to set up, but it does require two people since the material uses a heavy duty, ripstop canvas.

You’ll have no problems in the harsh Australian weather with this awning, it is UV resistant, waterproof and is treated to fight against mould and mildew. Although it can be freestanding, when using in windy conditions, you should use aluminium poles and guy ropes.

It’s designed to be easy to mount and is compatible with most types of roof racks and bars. Included in the box are mounting brackets and bolts. When not in use, the awning can be stored in the waterproof and UV proof bag. This awning is offered in both left and right positions. You’ll get a one-year warranty with your purchase.


  • Amazing price!
  • 270-degree coverage
  • Can be used freestanding


  • None!

Visit to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Drifta Rapid Wing Awning

This awning isn’t called the “Rapid Wing” for no reason. The 270-degree awning can be pulled out with just one person. The expansive coverage makes car camping possible. This awning can stand up to wind and rain and can take the harsh sun in Australia too.

The awning has zips so that you can attach walls for even better protection from the elements (not included). You can get it for both left and right positions. You can also choose to purchase the awning as a standalone item or as a bundle along with large sand pegs & stakes, and an LED Light strip. The light has an option to select an amber tone — great for keeping bugs away.

This awning works fine if you have an upwards opening tailgate. Mounting is a fairly simple process and brackets are provided. No warranty info mentioned but you can return the item for credit, provided it hasn’t been damaged.


  • 270-degree coverage
  • Brackets included
  • Offered in right and left positions


  • No warranty info — contact Drifta to enquire about this

Visit to read more reviews and to check the current price.

Hannibal Safari Legless Awning

You can pick this awning up in three varieties: 1.4m wide x 1.3m (Defender rear), 1.9m wide x 1.7m, and 2.4m wide x 2m. Set up takes just 30 seconds with only one person required. It doesn’t require any poles (hence the “Legless” name and protects you from the sun and rain alike.

You can add the optional extra of LED lighting, which is installed using two strips of 50cm LED. You can also add on single walls or surround yourself using the full wall kit (not included). With your purchase you will get a FIVE-YEAR warranty, so you really have nothing to worry about!


  • Simple to set up
  • Compatible with wall accessories
  • Five-year warranty!


  • Must send an enquiry to find price

Visit to read more reviews and to check the current price.

What is a 4WD Awning?

A 4WD awning is an awning, which is specifically designed to use alongside your 4×4 vehicle. They turn outback picnics or camping trips into a convenient and comfortable affair.

They’re designed to provide shelter from the hot Australian sun and can also protect you and your family against rain and even wind (if you’re using attachable walls).

Types of Awnings Available

You know you want to make an investment in the world of 4×4 awnings, but which variety should you choose?

4WD Awning Tent

4wd awning tents go a step beyond other types of 4×4 awnings. There are loads of variations but usually you’ll have the option to fully enclose yourself like with a regular tent, but usually there will be at least two doors — one facing the car and one on the opposite end. When it’s time to sleep you can zip yourself in and be fully protected against wind, rain, cold, and bugs.

When you’re awake you can unzip the doors and enjoy easy access to your vehicle whilst still being protected against the elements. 4×4 awning tents are perfect for the serious adventurer who likes to spend time outdoors after sundown.

4WD Side or Rear Awnings

A 4wd side awning is exactly what it sounds like — an awning that is used at the side of your vehicle. A 4×4 side awning is great for those who want a no fuss awning, which is typically cheaper than other varieties.

You could also go for a 4wd rear awning. These awnings are designed to be set up at the back of the vehicle. With a rear awning, you can use the floor of the boot for seating, or to store items, which you can quickly access.

270 Degree Awnings

A very popular kind of awning is the 270-degree variety. The large size gives a serious amount of shade from the hot Australian sun so you’ll often find they’re the best rated 4wd awnings. It can also give plenty of space under the canopy to shield you and your family from the wind, if you’re using attachable walls.

Retractable 4WD Awnings

A retractable 4wd awning is a clever device which makes set up so easy. The awning works like a rolling window shade — the frame sits atop your 4×4 and you just pull the awning out from the roller. Some are electric powered, so you don’t even need to do the manual pulling.

What to Consider when looking for the Best 4WD Awnings, Australia

Size & Placement

270-degree awnings are sometimes offered with a choice of a left- or right-hand side mount, which determine which side of the car you’ll be using. Some prefer it to be on the left side, so they can make use of the passenger side seat with more ease (steering wheel doesn’t get in the way). Also, if you pull over to the side of the road, you can set the awning up away from the road, meaning you and your family are safer in regards to traffic.

Perhaps you don’t want a 270-degree awning as you wish to have a more compact awning — great for smaller spaces, such as caravan parks.

Material & Fittings

Awnings typically use canvas as the main material. All good awnings will be waterproof but check that it is also mould resistant as this can be a problem when awnings get wet. The poles should use a rust resistant metal. Most offer SPF 50 protection but always check.


Nobody wants their awning to be super heavy — this will make it pain to lug in and out of the car. However, you also want to ensure that the material is durable enough to last you many years, since awnings are typically not a cheap investment.

Other Things to Consider

  • Ease of assembly: Most awnings can be put up and taken down with just one person. However, some require two. If you’ll be on your own (or don’t have very helpful friends!) look for one that requires only one person.
  • Accessories: Lots of awnings are compatible with attachments such as walls or extensions. They usually have zippers or velcro on the canopy which you can use for the accessories — if you’d like that option make sure the awning will be compatible for this.

So now you know absolutely everything there is to know about the best 4WD awnings Australia has on offer as well as a whopping 15 great reviews to help you choose!

All that’s left to do is make the investment. They really are a great addition to any road trip and I’m certain it will be money well spent!

Again, my favourite option has to be the Rhino Rack Batwing Awning – you know you’re getting a quality piece of kit with them and the awning is no different! Don’t worry if your roof rack is a different brand though! They even have a super convenient adaptor bracket.

Further Reading

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